Donate Plasma Fight Corona is an iPlasma initiative to urge COVID-19 survivors of India to donate plasma. In these dark times, this is our ray of hope.


Who Can Donate?

I was tested Positive for COVID-19.

I have fully recovered and have been free of symptoms for 14 days.

I am between 18-60 years old.

How Can I Donate?

Step - 1


Provide your Aadhaar card for Identity Verification.

Step - 2

Get tested

A blood sample will be taken, which will be tested to determine your eligibility.

Step - 3


Eligible donors shall receive communication regarding transportation.

Step - 4


Have a full, iron-rich meal at least two hours before your donation.

Step - 5


Donate your plasma and pat yourself on the back. You have saved a life!

Step - 4


Donating plasma may make you dehydrated. So, drink plenty of fluids following your donation.

Why my plasma?

If you have survived COVID-19, your plasma contains antibodies that can decimate the virus. This plasma is called convalescent plasma By donating this plasma to a current patient of COVID-19, what you also donate is your immunity against it The donation will empower them to fight the virus and come out alive, healthy, victorious.

India is in the midst of a fierce battle, and it needs YOU, the ones who survived, who can now come to the rescue of others. This is your chance to help save a life, to make a real, lasting difference in the world.

India Needs You.
Donate Plasma Today.